Interface design

Working as a content designer, or UX writer, often overlaps with interface design

Interface design | Campaign Monitor


One aspect of UX writing I really enjoy is working alongside UI designers, early enough in the process to influence decisions on page elements and layout. At Campaign Monitor, this gave me the opportunity to experience working as an interface designer, despite a lack of graphic design skills.



Creation of a new onboarding experience for Campaign Monitor, designed to reduce churn by getting more new users to “first value”.

Usage data had shown that new users stick around longer after they have sent their first email campaign and viewed the report.



  • Review & revise UI copy for the new onboarding experience.

Note: This overview focuses on copy changes for the “Send a free email” flow because that’s where I was able to influence the interface design.



Given this design was not for a new feature (it was to promote existing features) I didn’t need time for research and testing, other than clicking through the steps in the card.

Usually the product designer sends me an InVision mockup and I use the built-in comments feature to leave instructions for copy changes. If it’s more complicated than “change that to this” I create a UI copy worksheet (in Google Docs). There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • It gives me the space, and formatting options, to clearly document my thought process.

  • When suggesting UI design changes, it commonly attracts extra stakeholders for review and sign-off. When UX writers are a thinly shared resource, the comments in gDocs make further discussion and negotiation easier to manage (especially across multiple time zones).

  • Old worksheets are useful when training new UX writers.

UI copy worksheet

Amongst other things, a worksheet gives me the space to clearly explain my thought process. [View the PDF]



From our very first interactions, it was evident that Carlee cares deeply about her craft and strives to deliver results that she is proud of. During her time at CM, she demonstrated a breadth of knowledge across all areas of the product and always took the time to provide ample feedback and recommendations wherever her help was required.

Carlee has played an important role in helping Campaign Monitor grow to one of the most successful startup stories in Australia.

Andreas Marmaras | Global VP of Product, Campaign Monitor

Passionate and human-centred is what comes to my mind when I think about Carlee. I was particularly impressed by her ability to think out of the box when I felt stuck refining the stories that I was trying to tell to our users. Her ability to look at things from multiple angles had a great impact on many of my projects, and helped me move faster.

Beyond my triad, Carlee evangelised and led the definition of writing guidelines, which eventually made it into our design system that I use very often.

Daniel Salom | Senior Product Designer, Campaign Monitor