Carlee is a product content strategist, UX writer and service designer based in Sydney, Australia


I’ve worn a lot of different hats throughout my career: magazine journalist, breakfast radio announcer, TV ad presenter, newspaper columnist, social media marketer, usability consultant, technical writer, content strategist.

I’m always studying something new, and I like to reinvent myself every few years because, for me, that is the driving force for creativity. Our brains are built to endlessly remix the material that we input, and the richer & broader the inputs, the more there is to play with. I’ve learned it’s really all about connecting the dots between knowledge and experience.

Design Thinking is an approach to problem solving and creativity that has become my most recent driving force for change. I completed a course on the topic last year (2018) and found loads of crossover with work I was doing as a usability consultant, back in 2011. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy researching people and processes.

I like thinking on my feet, or belly-down on the floor if possible. My thoughts flow more easily when I sketch, or ideate with a group — and I’m endlessly fascinated to learn what makes people tick.

I recently studied Service Design at Academy Xi in Sydney (March, 2019), I’m continuing online studies with the Interaction Design Foundation, and I’ve just started learning how to code (again). If you’re interested in working with me, or want to learn more, drop me a line.

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